femiwhite ( whitening ) vaginal wash

femiwhite vaginal wash
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Product Description

 Features of FemiWhite Wash:
• Anti-fungal and bacteria.
• used to get rid of dark spots around the area intimacy.
• pH balance and leaves the sense of refreshing and fragrant smell.
• keeps the useful vaginal bacteria and health of the vagina without irritation and unpleasant odors.

  • tighter the vagina .

Fungal infections are a common cause for the darkening of the vaginal area, in addition to wearing tight clothes and fabrics of others are breathing and sweating profusely, the outcome of these reasons will lead to the darkening of the skin with the passage of time, also itching continuing because of the sensitivity of the area intimate and between the thighs can cause friction and this leads and the emergence of the black spots.

whitening vaginal wash , antiseptic , vaginal tightening effects , anti bacterial , anti fungal .

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