Minoxidil Shampoo (Anti-Dandruff)


The only designer shampoo on scientific foundations to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss and give him a vital force it is known that the average number of head hair is one hundred thousand hairs and its falling at rate of 100 hairs a day. but if this percentage has increased this number it has become abnormal and it becomes necessary to find a way to stop hair loss. after numerous experiments and studies Murad Farma company worked on the new combinations of Minoxidil shampoo containing Aloe Vera. Argan Oil & Other natural materials.

Minoxidil is the active ingredient in shampoo and also contain natural compounds work together to creat the ideal conditions for hair growth ,while at the same time preventing hair loss by fortifying and strengthening your existing hair and follicles.

Neem Oil is promoting hair growth and effective against several fungi including candida ,which is one of the major cause of dandruff .also it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects that help to soothing redness and scalp irritation.

Garlic Oil helps in restoring lost hair growth, promote and strengthen your existing hair as well.

Pro-vitamin B5 Strengthens the hair follicles.