Melbourne – A & D3 Drops 30ML




Melbourne-A&D3 Drop contains the active substances vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Vitamin A is essential for retinal rhodopsin regenerati- on, for the normal epithelium formation and for the growth.

Vitamin A insufficiency an cause blindness, hyper cheratosis and metaplasia of the mucosa , which becomes more vulnerable to infections.

Vitamin D3 regulates the normal metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and helps the kidneys and intestine to absorb calcium and it helps build bones.

Although the skin can make vitamin D3 when exposed to the sun, children and many adults need supple- mentation of this vitamin.

All children from the age of four weeks should get vitamin D3 supplementation every day. It is particularly important for infants who are breast-feed to get vitamin D3 supplementation because human breast milk contains very little vitamin D3.